3th Symposium on Astroparticle Physics in the Netherlands

21 January 2005 - Leiden - The Netherlands

This symposium is the third of a series and is organized by the Commission of Astroparticle Physics in the Netherlands (CAN). The programme starts at 11:00 am and ends at 5 pm. All talks will take place at zaal 3, Gorlaeus Laboratory A simple lunch will be provided free of charge to those who register for the symposium before January 17th. After the talks, there will be the possibility to visit the gravitational wave detector MiniGRAIL.

There will be a discussion session led by G. van der Steenhoven on the present and future of astroparticle physics in the Netherlands. If there is a question or topic you would like to see addressed during the discussion time, please contact Ana Achucarro or Gerard van der Steenhoven.