GravitationalRadiation Antenna In Leiden

Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratory, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Projects for students

Reports and Talks

IEN (Introductie Experimentele Natuurkunde)

Student Project Report Talk

Sundar Srinivas
New SQUID feed-back scheme for MiniGRAIL

Bart-Jan Pors
Optimization of sintered heat exchangers for the dilution refrigerator of MiniGRAIL

Amy Shumack
Mechanical quality factor of a Beryllium and a CuAl6% sphere as function of temperature for gravitational wave experiments will be available soon

Afstudeer stage

Student Project Report Talk

Machteld van de Rijke
Test of a read-out scheme for a Spherical Gravitational Antenna

Jeroen van Houwelingen
Development of a superconducting thin-film Nb-coil: for the use in MiniGRAIL transducers