GravitationalRadiation Antenna In Leiden

Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratory, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Projects for students



Feasibility study of a AC bias/parametric transducer and multiplexing read-out for a spherical GW detector.

Student project

The project consists in study the concept of parametric transducers and parametric amplification and design a test experiment. The idea is to modulate the mechanical resonance of 3 KHz of a transducer with a carrier frequency at around 500KHz. The read-out is finally done with a wideband (1MHz) SQUID amplifier. This scheme opens the way to several interesting techniques such as back action evasion and quantum non demolition measurements. More interesting for spherical GW detectors, it allows the read-out of six transducers with a single SQUID amplifier using multiplexing techniques similar to the one implemented in imaging arrays of microcalorimeters.